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        2. 真空機械,真空設備,真空配件

          公司介紹: 肇慶市正源真空設備有限公司位于國家級旅游城市——肇慶。
          正源真空 以嚴謹的科學作風,良好的服務態度,合理性的價位竭誠為廣大客戶提供全方位的服務。
          Zhaoqing is source vacuum equipment Co., LTD is located in national tourist city-zhaoqing. And on the west side of QiXingYan scenic area, south reliance xijiang, close to 321 national road, water and land transportation is convenient. This company is specialized in the research and development, production and manufacturing vacuum equipment comprehensive enterprise. The company covers an area of 5000 square meters for, elegant plant and the modernization of production equipment, has one batch to be engaged in vacuum industry 10 years of engineering and technical personnel, managers and experienced production staff. This company equipment widely used in plastic, optics, electronics, toys, building materials, hardware, clock and watch, cars, jewelry, packaging, gifts, etc, and product sales range throughout the country and southeast Asia. The company establish clear quality policy, new management concept, in line with the quality first, the principle of customers first, uphold the integrity of business ethics, keep on for the vast number of users with the products of high quality and perfect after-sale service, and sold to the products implement "3 packets" and lifelong tracing service to solve customer extra worries. Is the source vacuum strict scientific attitude, good service attitude, the rationality of price to the masses of customers wholeheartedly provides the omni-directional service. The company will continue developing the new products constantly, guarantee the high quality, and to provide the five-star after-sales service. In order to meet the needs of the customers, and to cooperate with the partners to join hands in creating a better tomorrow. In this, we inherit a persistent long modernism spirit to achieve enterprise about sustainable development.

          ?肇慶市正源真空設備有限公司, 2019. 技術支持:中國五金商機網
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